By: Harold V. Gallo

In preparation for the new school year, the Curriculum and Instruction Services Division (CISD) headed by Dr. Aimee Marie C. Gragasin lined up activities to prepare the academic staff for another daunting year in a two–week program called HEADSTART.

Education sessions, leadership seminars, meeting and GAD mainstreaming are among the activities undertaken before the opening of classes in July 20.

Hon. Ronelie U. Valtoribio, municipal mayor of Villaverde shared her town's best practices in a leadership seminar called "Leadership 101: Innovate and Inspire" last July 6.

"Start with doable's, and believe that you can create change." said the mayor.

Last July 9, Dr. Edwin Mania, a psychology expert, talked about dealing with special children, in which he highlighted that scholars need to be labeled as gifted simply as normal teenagers.

The Headstart punctuated with a joint Gender and Development (GAD) activity in Baguio City from July 13–16 with Ilocos Region Campus (IRC), Cordillera Administrative Region Campus (CAR) and the Office of the Executive Director (OED) joining the fray.

The GAD featured seminars about gender equality and a sportsfest where PSHS–Cagayan Valley Campus dominated.