Graziella DR. Villa, Librarian
BSED – Library Science

The most patronized in the roster of student services provides work space equipped with teaching–learning resources to assist all faculty and student needs in realizing the educational goals of the institution.

The PSHS–CVC Library provides wide–ranging print and non–print materials services to support the research, teaching and learning needs of our PSHS–CVC clientele. It is tasked to serve as a repository of a universal collection of human knowledge and creativity of our clients (students and employees research output).

The library is a support unit of the administration, faculty, staff and scholars in order to achieve excellence in academic and to become a responsible individual with dedication to the service of the country.

Library Schedule

  • 7:15 AM — 4:15 PM — Monday
  • 7:30 AM — 4:30 PM — Tuesday – Friday

Library Services

  • Books
  • Each student is allowed to borrow a maximum of three (3) Home–use books for one (1) week. The fine rates for the late return of book is Php 2.00/day including non–school days.

  • Library Computers
  • Students are allowed to use the library computers for their researches and assignments provided that they have laboratory permits. Accessing pornographic websites, playing games, gambling, sport sites and e–commerce are strictly forbidden. It is a must to observe the ICT Acceptable Use Policy.

  • DOST–Science and Technology Academic and Research–Based Openly Operated Kiosk (STARBOOKS)
  • Students are allowed to access the STARBOOKS especially for their researches provided that they sign up for an account.