Any person in the services of the Republic of the Philippines should:

  1. Respect and uphold the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of the Philippines.
  2. Observe the highest standard of morality, integrity, honesty, loyalty and devotion to public wealth.
  3. Perform his/her task or duty thoroughly, faithfully and efficiently.
  4. Be physically and mentally fit for public service and live within his/her income.
  5. Expose corrupt practices in the public service.
  6. Serve the public courteously; justly and impartially regardless of kinship, friendship, social standing, religious or political differences.
  7. Discharge duties promptly without thoughts of gifts, benefits or any remuneration which may influence the proper performance of official functions.
  8. Engage in no business with the government or with any private party, either directly or indirectly, which will be inconsistent with his position as public servant.
  9. Divulge no confidential information coming to him by the nature of his office or duties.
  10. Uphold, respect, an observe these principles, ever conscious that public office is a public trust which he should neither violate nor should he allow suspicion to arise that such trust has been abused or betrayed.