The office is responsible for ensuring quality instruction to students for the attainment of PSHS Vision and Mission. The office facilitates evaluation procedures to assess the performance of the students, faculty and academic staff.

CISD is managed by a Division Chief and Department Heads; SMCT and Humanities. It is the duty of the Chief and the Department Heads to oversee the daily internal operations of the division; to supervise the faculty and the academic staff; to provide direction in upgrading the quality of instruction and teaching–learning process and to plan, propose & implement approved program for academic and professional growth of faculty and academic staff.

The CISD is very proud of its thirty–eight (38) faculty and academic staff; thirty–six (36) intelligent, hardworking and passionate teachers, very competent Science Research Assitant (SRA) and IT Analyst.

Statement of Duties of the Chief, Curriculum and Instruction Services

  1. Teaches one subject.
  2. Participate in policy–making as a representative of the faculty in the MANCOM.
  3. Recommends teachers for appointment, promotion, official outside grants, conferences, seminars, etc.
  4. Advises the Director in making teaching assignments and schedules.
  5. Supervises the teaching staff and instruction.
  6. Assists in the development and improvement of the curriculum.
  7. Provides leadership in the production curriculum and instruction materials.
  8. Plans and formulates new courses, programs, and other activities in consultation with the Faculty.
  9. Recommends books, equipment and curriculum and instructional materials for acquisition.
  10. Helps prepare the annual budget and requisitions of the division and renders to the Director such assistance in the administration as may be required.
  11. Calls meetings by units or subjects as the need arises.
  12. Assists the Director in formulating the faculty development program and in carrying out the disciplinary function of the MANCOM.
  13. Submits annual report on the division and such other reports which the Director may require.
  14. Performs other duties which may be assigned from time to time.