The PSHS 6–Year Curriculum

The 6–Year PSHS Curriculum describes that scholars should learn as they progress through their six years of schooling. It sets out essential knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities that prepare students to be successful in a Science & Technology Career.

The aim of the PSHS Curriculum is to nurture scholars to become holistic individuals who are humanistic in spirit, global in perspective, patriotic in orientation, and well–prepared to pursue a STEM career which will contribute to nation–building. Through program that is rooted in sound educational principles and geared towards excellence, it is anticipated that PSHS graduates are empowered 21st century learners with general capabilities that will prepare them confidently pursue STEM courses as well as to become active and informed global citizens.

PSHS Scholars are expected to learn the foundations for life–long learning; to develop the competence to engage in work and be productive; to gain the ability to coexists in fruitful harmony with local and global communities; to engage in critical and creative thinking; and to transform oneself and others in becoming agents of change for the betterment of society.

Subject Offerings

School Year 2016–2017

Grade 7

SubjectSubject Teacher
Mathematics 1Russell Owen B. Viloria
Integrated Science 1Alice C. Manuel
English 1Heherson C. Tolentino
Filipino 1Kimberlie Maria D. Baldado
Social Science 1Jay–Ar A. Mapilis
Computer Science 1Ashley Jan P. Gurat
AdTech 1John Rich E. Manalo
Values Education 1Girlmelyn A. Javier
PE 1Katherine M. Manalo
Health 1Katherine M. Manalo
Music 1Reden R. Afalla

Grade 8

SubjectSubject Teacher
Mathematics 2Rosalinda O. Luwang/Ronald M. Navalta
Integrated Science 2Sheryl Mae V. Agapito
English 2Lady Beatriz A. Labuzon
Filipino 2Raymund T. Velasco
Social Science 2Harold V. Gallo/Jay–Ar A. Mapilis
Computer Science 2Gil P. de Luna
AdTech 2Jenshiam E. Balgua
Values Education 2Girlmelyn A. Javier
PE 2Marwin B. Ruiz
Health 2Marwin B. Ruiz
Music 2Reden R. Afalla
Earth ScienceElnora S. Lugares

Grade 9

SubjectSubject Teacher
Biology 1Jomar G. Gutierrez
Chemistry 1Shirley G. Mateo
Physics 1Elnora S. Lugares/Lorraine Gay R. Calixtro
StatisticsMaureen Joy C. Sermonia
Mathematics 3Orcene D. Cancino
Computer Science 3Diane Rose Bangloy
English 3Mylyn R. Gallo
Filipino 3Raymund T. Velasco/Kimberlie Marie D. Baldado
Social Science 3Christine V. Ordinario
PE 3Katherine M. Manalo
Health 3Katherine M. Manalo
Music 3Reden R. Afalla
Earth ScienceElnora S. Lugares

Grade 10

SubjectSubject Teacher
Biology 2Julius A. Garcia
Chemistry 2Mark Merrill N. Mesa
Physics 2Lorraine Gay C. Calixtro
MathematicsRonald. M. Navalta/Orcene D. Cancino
Computer Science 4Sadiri S. Corpuz
STEM ResearchAimee Marie C. Gragasin, Maureen Joy C. Sermonia, Shirley G. Mateo
English 4Melahnie C. Agraam
Filipino 4Zenaida T. Manzano
Social Science 4Jay–Ar A. Mapilis
PE 4Marwin B. Ruiz
Health 4Marwin B. Ruiz
Music 4Reden R. Afalla
— Database Management (DBMS)Diane Rose Bangloy
— MultimediaAshley Jan P. Gurat
— Physics in ActionPrecila C. Baclig
— StatisticsMaureen Joy C. Sermonia
— Creative WritingMylyn R. Gallo
— SpeechMelahnie C. Agraam

Grade 11

SubjectSubject Teacher
BiologyJulius A. Garcia/Jomar G. Gutierrez
ChemistryGenalyn Alice R. Viloria
PhysicsRosalinda O. Luwang/Precila C. Baclig
Mathematics 5Maricel D. Bata
STEM Research 2Genalyn Alice R. Viloria/Maricel D. Bata
EnglishMryna M. Rivera
FilipinoZenaida T. Manzano
Social ScienceJoseph Philip A. Addauan, Jr.
— AgricultureJomar G. Gutierrez
— EngineeringGil P. de Luna/John Rich E. Manalo
— TechnologyJenshiam E. Balgua
— BiologyJulius A. Garcia
— ChemistryGenalyn Alice R. Viloria
— PhysicsRosalinda O. Luwang