The First Philippine Science Digital Library

The Science and Technology Information Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST–STII) has developed a digital library that can permanently store information and materials and be updated regularly.

The Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Stations, or STARBOOKS, are one-stop repositories for science and technology and livelihood information.

“STARBOOKS is one of DOST’s strategies in making S&T information accessible and available to our citizens,” said DOST Secretary Mario Montejo. “STARBOOKS is geared towards the needs of students, researchers, and entrepreneurs, especially those from the countryside.”

STARBOOKS is a stand-alone, on-site research and information kiosk that provides free access to information, and is highly appropriate for public libraries.

According to STII Director Raymund Liboro, STARBOOKS currently holds 500,000 titles of digitized journals, serial publications, reference materials, annual reports, theses and dissertations, technical and project reports, and directories of DOST-STII’s library materials. It also contains over 170 videos from the different DOST agencies, such as “Tamang DOSTkarte Livelihood Videos” for aspiring entrepreneurs. The video topics range from food processing to laundry soap manufacturing and other livelihood materials.

Furthermore, says Director Liboro, “STARBOOKS installation is free.” Interested companies, local government units, non-government organizations, and educational institutions only need to provide their own computer units to be used as STARBOOKS units. To maintain the uniform look and design, clients will have to construct their own STARBOOKs pods, with specifications to be provided by STII.

STARBOOKS is not accessed online, and does not require an internet connection. Its built-in server can provide simultaneous access to users, who can save the digital materials they need on their standard Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives, or by printing them out.

STARBOOKS is an educational innovation that is in keeping with STII’s aim of providing the public with relevant and timely S&T information.


STARBOOKS contains thousands of digitized science and technology resources in various formats (text and video/audio) placed in specially designed “pods” set in a user–friendly interface. Its special features are:

  • It’s a standalone Information kiosk, hence, information access is possible even without internet connection;
  • Information available is read-only;
  • It is a compendium of S&T information gathered from all over the world --- a one stop S&T information source; and
  • It features videos dubbed “Tamang DOSTkarte Livelihood Videos” to stimulate every Filipino’s entrepreneurial capacity;

STARBOOKS aims to:

  1. Create interest in the field of Science and Technology which may increase the number of Filipinos enrolling in S&T courses;
  2. Encourage great and curious minds to develop new ideas---inventions and innovations; and
  3. Inspire one’s capacity for entrepreneurship and research.