Lucky Aaron George L. Damaso, Boys' Dormitory Manager
Contact Number: 09267238725

Ruth Lynne V. Aquino, Girls' Dormitory Manager
Contact Number: 09173097225

The Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus Residence Halls intend to provide growing up adolescents with a home away from home, among a community of scholars. It seeks to provide an environment where group living becomes a delightful, educational, and a wholesome experience. Here, each has a role to play and a commitment to uphold. Everyone is therefore enjoined to be responsible and concerned, and to participate actively in the various activities, projects and programs of the Residence Halls.


  1. Boys' Residence Hall

    • Main: Fourteen (14) rooms on the first floor and eleven (11) rooms on the second floor; Annex: Two (2) rooms
    • Each room can accommodate four (4) interns
    • Common bathrooms and comfort rooms per wing in each floor
    • Spacious laundry area
    • Visitors lobby
    • Study room
    • One (1) shoe rack per room
    • Screened windows in rooms
    • Television with cable connection in the lobby
  2. Girls' Residence Hall

    • Main: Eleven (11) rooms on the first floor and seventeen (17) rooms on the second floor; Annex: Nine (9) rooms
    • Each room can accommodate four (4) interns
    • Common bathrooms and comfort rooms per wing in each floor
    • Spacious laundry area
    • Visitors lobby
    • Study room
    • One (1) shoe rack per room
    • Screened windows in rooms
    • Television with cable connection in the lobby


  1. Scholars coming from Region II and other nearby provinces shall be given priority accommodation to the PSHS CVC Dormitories.
  2. Scholars from remote areas of Nueva Vizcaya shall also be given the same accommodation as in item number 1.
  3. A dormer may be asked to temporarily leave the dormitory anytime during the school year for unsatisfactory behavior. Moreover, expulsion from the dormitory may be imposed when a student-intern incurs a Level III Offense and/or if the management feels that his/her continued stay in the dormitory will be detrimental to himself/herself or to the welfare of the others.
  4. A dormer’s length of stay is dependent on his performance. A dormer shall be quarterly evaluated based on these given five categories:
    1. Observance and maintenance of cleanliness, orderliness of the assigned room/space.
    2. Performance on assigned task.
    3. Attitude and behavior.
    4. Participation in dorm meetings and activities.
    5. Academic performance.

The dorm must ensure secure and safe accommodation and a nurturing environment for academic success of the interns. Hence, deportment is of utmost importance. Offenses are cumulative, and are not due for dissolution or invalidation. One (1) Level 3 offense brings the intern into immediate dorm evaluation — for retention, suspension or even expulsion.


Lodging fee worth sixty pesos (P 60.00) per month and an electrical fee of twenty pesos (P 20.00) per electrical gadget/appliance per month is collected from the interns.

The Dormers’ Parents Association (DPA) collects the following:

Membership Fee P500 will be collected from the incoming GRADE 7 ONLY
Janitorial Fee P250/month from June to March
Emergency Fee P100/year/student

The Emergency Fee will be used in cases of accidents, sickness, transportation fee to the hospital, etc. If not utilized, the amount will be used for any dorm repairs/project at the end of school year.

Recognized Dormitory Organizations

  1. The Student Dormitory Council is the governing body of the dormers. The council Is composed of:
  2. President
    Year Level Representatives
    Chairman, Spiritual Committee
    Chairman, Sports Committee
    Chairman, Socials Committee

    The dormitory council formulates dorm activities and ensures that interns follow rule and regulations. They formulate rules and resolutions that must be agreed upon the dormers during the assembly. The said resolutions will automatically consider as a policy, which the dormers must follow. General Assembly of the dormers is conducted on Sundays, once a month.

  3. The Dormitory Parents Association (DPA) is the organization of parents of the dormers. The officers and members initiate projects for the improvement of the dorm facilities. The regular DPA meeting is conducted every card – giving day.

General Rules

  1. Dormers must cooperate/participate actively in the activities and meetings called by the Dorm Management and the Student Dormitory Council.
  2. A dormer must not only be conscious of his/her rights and privileges but also of the others.
  3. The Dormitory Management welcomes complaints and suggestions for the improvement of the residence hall, this should be submitted in writing to the Dorm Management.
  4. Dormers are responsible for the safety of their belongings or valuables.
  5. The Dormitory Management is not liable for any loss of belongings or valuables of a dormer.
  6. Matters affecting the safety of life, property and honor of any of the dormers must be reported immediately.
  7. Dormers are encouraged to approach the help of any of the security officer when the need arises.
  8. The school ID must be readily presented by the dormer when requested by the security officer.
  9. New policies are implemented by the Dormitory Management upon the MANCOM’s approval.
  10. All dormers must maintain good academic performance to be able to continue enjoying the privilege in staying in the dorm. Having substandard grades coupled with an infraction is tantamount to non-admission to the dorm the following school year.
  11. Dormers must take their whereabouts on the locator chart and must diligently post their whereabouts on the chart for easy monitoring and information purposes.

Dormitory Admission Procedure for Regional Scholars


  1. Parents / Guardian
    1. Submit to the Campus Director a letter of intent requesting for a Residence Hall Accommodation.
  2. Campus Director
    1. Forwards the request letter to the Dormitory Accommodation Committee (SSD Chief- Committee Chair, Dormitory Managers, Assistant Dormitory Managers and Faculty volunteers)
    2. Approves request depending on the evaluation submitted by the Dormitory Accommodation Committee.
  3. Dorm Accommodation Committee
    1. Makes assessment based on the guidelines for admission of scholars from Nueva Vizcaya.
    2. Recommends action/s to be taken based on the results of the assessment.
    3. Acts on the decision of the Campus Director.
    4. Sends out official communication to parents if the request is approved by the Campus Director.
    5. Schedules an interview with the student and parents/ guardian.
    6. If request is disapproved, sends a letter of refusal to the parents.

Guidelines on the Admission of Scholars from Nueva Vizcaya

  1. Distance
    : the residence of scholars from Nueva Vizcaya must be far from the school. Applicants residing in places other than those mentioned below are disqualified.

  2. TownScorePoint Scale
    Dupax del Norte
    Dupax del Sur
    Diadi/Santa Fe
    Kayapa/Kasibu/Alfonso Catañeda10High
  3. Health

  4. Acceptable Health Reasons (5 points)

    Since the school does not have enough personnel to attend to interns’ serious health problems, it is required for the applicants to pass and submit the following:

    1. Mild health problems with regular medications (e.g. mild asthma, mild skin allergies)
    2. Medical certificate and physician’s recommendation.
    3. Parents’ provision for students’ medicines/ health equipment.

    Health Reasons Not Acceptable (0 points)

    Serious cases like:

    1. Severe Asthma
    2. Heart Ailment
    3. Severe Uterine Dysfunction
    4. Severe Allergies
    5. Epilepsy
    6. Special cases of emotional and psychological imbalance (e.g. Attention Deficit Syndrome)

Note: Residence Hall Accommodation based on health reasons as in item number is case to case basis

General Guidelines

  1. Aside from the criteria mentioned above, the accommodation of scholars from Nueva Vizcaya will also depend on the availability of slots in the dormitory.
  2. Priority is given to applicant with the most number of points.
  3. Freshmen applicants are also given priority.
  4. Performance evaluation of upper class applicants in their previous years of stay will also be considered.

Schedule of Accommodation

Qualified applicants will be accommodated in June after an orientation with the Dorm Accommodation Committee.

Dorm Requirements

All dormers are required to bring the following basic necessities:

  1. At least 3 sets of prescribed uniform, black leather shoes, white socks, shoe polish and brush, slippers and shoe rack.
  2. Bed cover, blanket, pillows and pillowcases.
  3. Pajama, blouses, shirt, long and short pants.
  4. Undergarments, hankies, bath and face towels, bathrobe.
  5. Tumbler, toothbrush and toothpaste, pail, dipper, basin.
  6. Spoon, teaspoon, fork, drinking glass,
  7. Thermos, lunchbox and plates
  8. At least a dozen of hangers and a sewing kit
  9. Raincoat, umbrella, flashlight with batteries, emergency light.
  10. Cleaning materials: Broom, trash bin and dustpan.
  11. Basic school supplies
  12. Earthquake Survival Kit consisting of the following items: small battery-operated radio, flashlight, bottled water, ready-to-eat food (candies and biscuits), dust mask, and First Aid Kit. The First Aid Kit shall consist of alcohol, burn ointment, plaster, band-aid, cotton balls, paracetamol, diatabs, antacid, etc.

If you have any questions regarding the dorm application or residence hall policies, you may contact us at:

Mobile Numbers:

Girls Dormitory09173097225
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