With its thrust of offering quality education to the gifted scholars of PSHS–CVC, the Curriculum and Instruction Services Division offers the following Academic Programs:

1. Summer Science Internship Program (SSIP)

— is a three–week internship of incoming third year students in S&T geared agencies and institutions with the aim of enhancing the student's ability to apply their knowledge to internship assignments; increase their understanding of S&T issues and instill in them the sense of responsibility as they pursue careers in S&T.

2. Research Program

— is a curriculum subject offered to 3rd and 4th year students in which the 3rd year students are expected to come up with their Research Proposal while the 4th year students are expected to come up with a complete Research Output. For the last three (3) years, the school has implemented a seminar–type research class in the 3rd year level, facilitated by three (3) Research Teachers.

3. Offering of Selected Topics

— is a curricular offering based on the varied interests of students. The 3rd and 4th year students can choose from a range of subjects like Microbiology, Histology, Database Management, Robotics, Micro–controller, Food Chemistry, Fun Physics, Number Theory and Journalism.

4. UPCAT/DOST–SEI Scholarship Exam Review

— is consists of review sessions conducted by teachers for 4th year students. This activity is mainly aimed to review basic concepts/principles in Science, Math and Languages in preparation for the UPCAT. Meanwhile, a battery of tests with discussions that include Mechanical-Technical Ability, Spatial Ability, Abstract Reasoning, Diagrammatic Ability and Fault Diagnostic is given to the students in preparation for the DOST-SEI Scholarship Exam.

5. Coaching Competition

— is composed of review sessions conducted by coaches for student–contestants. Subject Units are encouraged to look for competitions and opportunities for students to hone their skills and potentials.

6. Academic Intervention Program

— is intended to help out students who have difficulty in their subjects especially in Science and Math though remedial classes or individual consultations conducted by subject teachers. Bridging is also part of this program, this bridging program is designed to provide mentoring for students who have difficulty in coping up with the current lessons because of lack of exposure or limited exposure like computer programming especially among first year students.