Joy Lyzette R. Carreon,
School Nurse

School Health Services

The School Nurse and our partner experts in the field keep a health record of all students as well as provide salient information to improve student wellness.

I. Introduction

School Health Services are established at the school site to promote the health of students through disease prevention, early case finding, referral for intervention and remediation of specific health problems. The school health services are vitally necessary in order to provide first aid and triage for illness and injuries, to provide direct services for students with special needs, and to provide health counseling and education for students, staff, and parents.

II. Purpose of the School Health Services Program

The primary purpose of the School Health Services Program is to promote the physical and emotional health of students and staff thereby maximizing the educational process and work functionality.

III. Programs and Services

On Students Personal Health Profile
  • Parents are obliged to answer/fill up completely and religiously the medical profile forms of students
  • Provide the School with your children special considerations like food allergies, medicines allergies, restrictions to activities (with medical certificate), medication supervision & restrictions and medical needs (hearing & vision difficulties) etc.
On Consultation
  • All students are very much welcome to seek health consultation on their most comfortable and available time.
  • Health teachings and health education meetings can be scheduled.
  • One–on–one or group health consultation is enjoined.

Clinic Confinement

  • Any student who suffers from any sickness are accommodated at the clinic.
  • Basic first aid treatment and pharmacological management is given.
  • Parents, Advisers, Dorm Managers are notified as to student’s health status

Medication / Supplies Consumption

  • Students are given medicines/supplies based from availability and supply.<\li>
  • They are encouraged/obliged to bring 1st aid medications since supplies are also limited (Paracetamol, For colds & cough medicines (neozep, decolgen, bioflu, solmux, lagundi), anti–diarrheal drugs (Loperamide), anti–histamine/anti–allergies or any brand they prefer.
  • Emergency drugs for students with special conditions (asthma, heart medicines)

Referral to a Hospital / Special Clinics

  • Students with conditions that are aggravating are referred to the School MD’s for further medical evaluation (usually at the MD’s private Clinic).
  • The consultation fee at the clinic is shouldered by the school, yet laboratory fees and prescribed medications are shouldered by students/parents if consultation is made with the school affiliated doctor.<\li>
  • In case a student needs to be confined, hospital of choice will be asked and granted/followed. Hospitalization fees are shouldered by students/parents including Professional Fee of Doctors.
  • In the hospital, you may or you may not choose the school physician as your private doctor since bills will be taken cared by you.
  • As soon as you are being notified of your child’s condition you are obliged to send somebody or come over to stay with your child at the hospital or inform us (dorm managers, nurse) for arrangements.
  • Students with communicable diseases are mandated to be sent home to avoid spread of the disease.
  • In case of highly communicable diseases, the student is not allowed to report to school during the communicability period of the disease, the student is also obliged to undergo the required treatment and finished the minimum required of pharmacological management, the student is required to present the school of a medical certificate/proof that he/she is not any more communicable or is undergoing treatment.

Enrollment Requirements

For Incoming Grade 7 Students
  1. Chest X–ray result
  2. Purified Protein Derivative Test (PPD) or Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB)Result
  3. Urinalysis
  4. Complete Blood Count
  5. Blood Typing
  6. Hepatitis B Screening: HBSAg & anti–HBS, to be accomplished regardless of vaccination status
  7. 1x1 ID Picture
  8. 1 long brown envelope
  9. Duly accomplished Medical–Dental Forms
For Old Students (Grade 8 — 12)
  1. Chest x–ray
  2. Urinalysis
  3. Complete blood count