Mr. Harold V. Gallo, SSD Chief

In synchrony with the academic and administrative offices, the Student Services Division (SSD) is responsible for supervision and coordination of extra and co-curricular activities of scholars. It also helps the school in implementing and formulating policies in accordance with the PSHS mission-vision.

The division enclaves under its dominion offices that renders specialized services to scholars, parents, and stakeholders of education like the office of Registrar, Clinic, Dormitories, Library, Alumni affairs, Guidance Office, and organizations/clubs of the Alternative Learning Activities (ALA). Furthermore, it also coordinates and consults with the parents through the General Parents and Teachers Association and Dormitory Parents Association with matters concerning the scholars. Additionally, it assists the administration in evaluating the services of the employees in the division.

The SSD banners 2 guidance counselors, 2 dorm managers, a nurse, a librarian, and a registrar. Additionally, the dormitories also include 2 male and 1 female assistant dorm managers and 2 female and 1 male utility workers.

Statement of Duties of the Chief, Student Services Division

  1. Teaches one subject.
  2. Participates in policy–making as a representative of the Student Services Division in the MANCOM.
  3. Recommends employees for appointment, promotion, official outside grants, conferences, seminars and other forms of development.
  4. Supervises and coordinates the units for student services in cooperation with the academic and administrative services.
  5. Supervises the dormitory managers, program coordination and volunteers.
  6. Supervises the admission of student to PSHS.
  7. Plans and formulates policies in consultation with the unit heads of the student services division.
  8. Recommends members of committee assignments for school activities.
  9. Attends to official visitors of the school.
  10. Approves activity forms of various school organization displayed in strategic locations in the school.
  11. Monitors fund–raising activities of the student clubs, organization, etc.
  12. Recommends acquisition of equipment, supplies and reference materials.
  13. Assist in the evaluation of the services of the employees in the student services division.
  14. Helps prepare the annual budget and requisitions of the division and render assistance in administration as may be required.
  15. Implements decisions regarding discipline matters in the dormitory.
  16. Submits an annual report of the division and such other reports which may be required by the Office of the Director.
  17. Performs other duties which may be assigned from time to time.