by: Zen Lee Foryasen and Janine Lacson

Philippine Science High School-Cagayan Valley Campus (PSHS-CVC) cordially welcomed the Grade 7 students through a party spearheaded by the Supreme Student Government (SSG) officers at the Academic Building 2, Function Hall 2, June 27, 2014 at 2 p.m.

Oath- taking ceremony for the SSG officers was also held, with the former SSG adviser, Ms. Christine Ordinario as the inducting officer.

Melvito Baricaua, the new SSG president and student representatives for each of the different grade/year levels shared inspirational messages for the grade 7 students.

In the Pisay Records, the grade 7 students were unable to beat the grade 8 students Gleason Lubbui and Micah Malillin for the tallest male and female. Senior scholar Alexis Bangad is the shortest female student while freshman Randy Caberos is declared the title “shortest male student”.

Talented Grade 7 students KC Baccay, Caith Ricaforte, Siegfred Duyo and Enzo Mangulab also showed off their singing prowess.

Dr. Salvador B. Romo, in his inspiring message, encouraged the upperclassmen to serve as models for the greenhorn. He also mentioned that the grade 7 students were lucky for making it to Pisay and inspired them to prove their worth.

A game facilitated by Mr. Marwin Ruiz concluded the program with Gracean Magundayao and Dominic Rosales emerging as winners.
Mr. Jay-ar Mapilis, a new faculty member, is the new SSG adviser. #