by: Harold V. Gallo

Dr. Mercelita V. Orden, Vice President for Academic Affairs of PLT College and Ms. Zayda S. Asuncion, Professor of Saint Mary’s University facilitated the half-day sessions in which teachers were grouped by department.

Teachers in the Science, Mathematics, Computer and Technology (SMCT) department, listened to Dr. Orden as she shared many of the new trends she has used throughout her years as a teacher, administrator and researcher.

“Take the risk and grow!”, said Dr. Orden, who also shared many anecdotes to the SMCT teachers.

Ms. Asuncion updated the faculty members under Humanities with the tested strategies that she has used, read and researched.

“Let’s not forget what interests our students and take the chance to use the varied strategies. Always remember that the best visual aid in the classroom is still the teacher”, said Asuncion to the Humanities teachers.#