by Harold V. Gallo

For more than two decades, Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus is home to the brightest scholars of Region 2 and nearby regions. As the premier science high school in the valley, it provides quality education and nurtures the minds and heart of future S &T leaders. It has produced outstanding alumni in various fields, especially in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and other fields. It prides itself for having state-of-the art facilities and globally-competitive faculty and staff. Most of them are master’s and doctorate degree holders. Its strong workforce is committed to sustain the status of PSHS as a trailblazer of excellence.

Let us meet the leaders and transformers behind the institution that we know today, from NVSHS to PSHS – Nueva Vizcaya Campus (NVC), to PSHS – Cagayan Valley Campus (CVC):

Hon. Carlos M. Padilla, then congressman of Nueva Vizcaya’s, authored Republic Act 7622 which laid the foundation of Nueva Vizcaya Science High School (NVSHS) in 1996, under the jurisdiction of Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (DECS). In 1998, the administrative jurisdiction of DECS over NVSHS was transferred to the Department of Science and Technology by virtue of RA 8364 and the school was integrated to the Philippine Science High School System through RA 8496, which Hon. Padilla also authored. He is considered as the founding father of the institution.

Campus Directors and OICs


Dr. Rodolfo E. De Guzman assumed the directorship of the school during the time that the school is still under the administrative jurisdiction of DECS. The academe’s integration to the PSHS System saw two leaders in the persons of Lucita L. Alcid, the iron lady in 1999 and the soft spoken, humane and just Dr. Elizabeth M. Torres of the PSHS – Diliman Campus.


Dr. Efren B. Mateo was the first ever resident Director of the school under the PSHS System. A former school principal at Saint Mary’s University, was known to be an academician. He laid the groundwork of curriculum and instruction implementation and hiring of more faculty and staff with the growing populace and needs of the institution. While waiting for a new campus director after his one term stint, Dr. Pedrito Padilla, then campus director of PSHS – Eastern Visayas Campus, took over as the OIC for a year.


Dr. Salvador B. Romo, a former principal and administrator from the Department of Education, took over as the campus director from 2008-2021. He completed two 6-year terms and retired from service last January 2021. It was during his first term that the school transferred to its permanent site at Barangay Masoc, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. His stints saw the school made major turnaround through the completion of major facilities and infrastructure of the school, implemented enhanced PSHSS curriculum, instruction, and administration, among others. Among the highlights of his second term was the implementation of the revolutionary K to12 education for PSHS and the ISO 9001:2015 certification of the institution. Further, he focused on improving the internal processes and operations, especially on completing the infrastructure projects of the school. Construction of academic buildings, laboratories, dormitories, staff house, multi-purpose halls, site development, among others took place under his tutelage.