by: Dianne Joyce Matic

Mr. Harold V. Gallo (center front row) is hailed as the Most Outstanding Secondary School Paper Adviser of Region 2 during the 2015 RSPC, February 13–16, 2015. .

The official student publication in English, The Pisay Explorer, inked its second overall title in three years, and the official student newsletter in Filipino, Ang Siklab, returned on a winning note, while Mr. Harold V. Gallo was hailed as region 2’s best secondary paper adviser, in this year’s Regional Schools Press Conference held last December 13–16, 2015 at Santiago City, Isabela.

The Pisay Explorer, Cagayan Valley’s best school paper in Secondary English Category, received 1st place in Lay–out and Page Design and Science and Technology sections; 2nd place in News and Editorial sections, and 5th place in Feature and Sports sections.

On the other hand, Ang Siklab, PSHS CVC’s official school publication in Filipino, landed in 6th place overall.

The official school publication in Filipino, grabbed 3rd place in News section, 6th place in Scietech section and 5th in Sports, Feature, Editorial and Layout and Page Design categories.

Meanwhile, Gallo, The Pisay Explorer Adviser, proved that third time’s the charm, as he copped the 2015 Most Outstanding School Paper Adviser plum.

“My passion to write, lead and serve will continue to flare up. This is for Pisay–CVC, Nueva Vizcaya and my family,” said Gallo.

According to Gallo, achieving success is a process. “Journalism develops discipline and competitive spirit and leadership in me. It pushed me to strive harder and put time and dedication to be able to succeed”.

Ang Siklab is 6th Best in RSPC, Gallo is RO2's MOSPA, to receive award in Koronadal.

With the win, the official newsletters of qualify to the National Schools Press Conference in Koronadal, South Cotabato on February 22–26, 2016.

The awarding of Gallo, together with the outstanding school paper advisers and student journalists of other region will also happen during the NSPC.

Last year, The Pisay Explorer won 4th Place in Feature Section and 5th Place in News Section.