by Christine V. Ordinario

from PSHS-CVC Documentation Committee

Dr. Salvador B. Romo, Campus Director III of Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus, concluded his 38 years in the government service after completing two six–year terms as school head and in time for his 60th birthday.

In the joint retirement program hosted by PSHS–CVC and the PSHS System Executive Committee, current and former colleagues, students, friends and family members sent their messages for Dr. Romo.

DOST Sec. Fortunato T. dela Pena and PSHSS top brass Executive Director Lilia T. Habacon, and former EDs, Dr. Josette Biyo and Dr. Filma Brawner, lauded the exceptional accomplishments and contributions of Dr. Romo for PSHS-CVC and to the Pisay System.

His current and former campus directors from the Execom also compiled individual video greetings featuring their experiences and lessons learned from Dr. Romo as an expression of their gratitude to their colleague and mentor.

The PSHS–CVC faculty and staff highlighted Dr. Romo’s life in a nutshell, as well as his qualities and accomplishments in his two terms as a campus director, through video presentations. Groups of employees also rendered song numbers for the celebrant and words of gratitude and wishes were expressed by the three division chiefs, from the employees’ association president and students.

Dr. Romo’s wife, Ms. Catherine G. Romo and daughter Cathleen R. Maluyo, in their messages, described him as a family man and a dedicated government servant. They also took the opportunity to express their gratitude to PSHSS and PSHS–CVC families for all the support and love extended to their patriarch.

In response, Dr. Romo expressed his gratitude to all the people who have been instrumental in realizing his pivotal role as campus director. “God is so good, I thank Him for all the blessings he has given to me, and for keeping us always in his loving care,” quipped Dr. Romo in acknowledgement of God’s graces.

He also added that working with the people in the Philippine Science High School System is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, hence he thanked the Board of Trustees for all the support to Pisay–CVC. Dr. Romo also thanked the Executive Committee for the professional relationship and respect they have accorded to him, as well as the pride he shared with the Execom for all that they have achieved for the PSHS System. As he leaves the Execom, he urged his fellow members of the Executive Committee to continue to support one other for the attainment of the System’s goals.

He acknowledged his fellow workers in PSHS–CVC for their support and dedication in the pursuit of the commitment to quality science education. In addition, a man of public service that he is, he underscored the importance of performing duties when he said, “don’t postpone the opportunity to be good in giving your best in the interest of public service.”

He also thanked the parents of the scholars for being supportive in all the activities of the school, and for trusting the campus for their children’s education.

He also expressed his gratitude to his family, for all the love they have given him, and for their support in his being a public servant, that in his 38 years of service in the government, he was away from them most of the time. He assured them that from his retirement, he will have all the time to live a carefree life with his family.

In closing, Dr. Romo shared a quote, “for I shall pass this way but once, any good that I can do, or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now, let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”#