Dr. Salvador B. Romo, Campus Director
3rd Floor, Academic Building I
Masoc, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya 3700
Office No.: (078) 808-0343
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Lead yourself exceptionally well.

Currently on his second term as a primary mover in PSHS is no green horn to civil service, Director Salvador B. Romo, Ed. D.

Having risen from his grassroots in the Department of Education as academician and administrator, the Cagayan Valley Campus was blessed with pouring rain when Director Romo assumed directorship in 2008.

Tea for Two

A tete–a–tete with the Campus Director would reveal that he needs no Philosopher's Stone to make magic or miracles out of the meager resources PSHS-CVC has had in the past. He acknowledges the many stakeholders from the community who have been able to help in all the quacks and quirks CVC hurdled through in order to finally take its place as an educational magnate and research tycoon in the region.

Fly to Arms

Humbly starting with a grain of salt, PSHS–CVC continues to respond to its mandate to offer a science-oriented curriculum that is proactive, dynamic, and responsive to the needs of the community and the nation, at large.

Tools of the Trade

A quick query , a guided tour, and some rush hour lead us to the multi–faceted role of the Campus Director.

To date, the Office of Campus Director is a(n):

  1. Fiscalizer
    • Supervising all physical, captial and human resources of the Campus
    • Maximizing the same
    • Taking charge of plans that will adopt changes and innovations to increase the potential and inflow of said resources
    • Constantly making infrastructure plans to put into action Campus objectives
  2. Policy–maker
    • Collaborates with the Executive Committee of the PSHS System & OED to come up with programs that will concretize the institutional golas of the PSHS
    • Implement existing programs
    • Initiates programs relating to career advancement for the personnel and academic projects for student welfare
  3. Educator
    • the Academic Manager implementing, evaluating, and improving the overall academic programs of the school
    • a Pedagogical Revolutionary aiming to improve instructional skills through the provision of opportunities that target professional growth
    • the Research Enthusiast who is a proponent in Agriculture and Local Research as well as other areas of interest and specialization, both resting at the helm and core of PSHS education
    • a Great Equalizer of the core curricular areas of the SMCT and Humanities programs that seek to bring about the optimum development of a child
  4. Public Servant
    • Serving as a government official to promote and enact the PSHS mandate
    • Promoting good citizenship by helping instill in the Pisayer what constitutes discipline and social responsibility
    • Advocating the importance of being a stakeholder in nation-building by recognizing members of the community who contribute to the realization of the PSHS goals
    • Professionalizing the teaching vocation to bring the classroom experience to marginalized sectors by way of extension programs

Director's Postscript

"The time is always right to do what is right." — Martin Luther King Jr.

The Campus Director is the administrator and academic head of the Regional Campus (Republic Act 8496). The Campus Director is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the campus.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Administers the school in accordance with the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee.
  2. Recommends educational policies and curriculum revisions.
  3. Plans, directs, and coordinates the academic program and the administrative activities of the school.
  4. Recommends appointments and enters into contracts, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee/Board of Trustees.
  5. Supervises directly the work of the two division chiefs.
  6. Coordinates continuing research programs.
  7. Coordinates outreach programs of the school.
  8. Initiates, establishes, and maintains linkages with different public to promote the school and secure needed support.
  9. Designs and implements a wholesome personnel relation program to establish a high morale and promote efficiency.
  10. Receives processes against the Local School Board.
  11. Submits monthly and annual accomplishments reports.
  12. Performs other duties which may be assigned by the Executive Director.